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Manor Royal Roadworks

Details of significant roadworks impacting the Manor Royal Business District

This is not a list of all works being carried out that might effect your journey. This is a holding page for select works for which extra details are provided. 

Other roadwork information
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Check live traffic information (via Highways England) 

Gatwick Road Proposed Crossing 

A three week consultation has begun (from 2 March 2022) for a proposed crossing by The Gatwick School on Gatwick Road, Manor Royal.

Crossing overview

Detailed Plan

Crossing Plan Notice

Responses can be sent through the website here or email 


Crawley Growth Plan

Details of roadworks, diversions and closures

Impacting London Road, Manor Royal and Crompton Way

Summary of planned roadworks

Drawing of planned work (Crompton Way Part 1 – starts 04 Jan 2022)

Drawing of planned work(Crompton Way Part 2 – starts 04 Jan 2022)

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