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Manor Royal BID 2023-2028

Voting “YES” to continue the Manor Royal BID will unlock a significant programme of investment delivered over the next 5 years (2023-28) to improve the Business District for the businesses and people that work here.

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Making a difference

Since it was created in 2013 Manor Royal BID has delivered many notable improvements to the Business District. It has been able to use its influence to raise the profile of the area and attract new investment as well as deliver projects, events and services specifically for the benefit of Manor Royal businesses and employees.

A vote to continue the BID

For the Manor Royal BID to continue, it is a requirement of the Government’s BID Regulations (2004) that businesses vote at the ballot scheduled for February 2023. Only by voting “YES” can the Manor Royal BID continue to deliver those services already valued by businesses and expand what it does by securing significant additional funding promised to it.

Who votes

The levy rate, the contribution businesses would be expected to contribute each year, will be set at 1.1% of the rateable value of each property located in the designated BID area that has a rateable value of £12,000 or more. The levy will be capped so that no single property will be liable to pay more than £4,000 per annum. Only those businesses expected to pay the BID Levy are entitled to vote in the ballot.

Additionality and focus

Whatever the Manor Royal BID delivers is in addition to what any other organisations provide. The Manor Royal BID is the only organisation whose sole interest is the success of Manor Royal and, most importantly, is run by and for Manor Royal companies.

Details of the projects associated with each objective are set out in the relevant section of the Business Plan along with details of how the Manor Royal BID will be managed and run.

Businesses decide

If businesses vote to continue the Manor Royal BID a fund of more than £5m will be generated to help improve the Business District. The next BID Term would start on 01 April 2023 and run until 31 March 2028.


The only way to ensure this business plan is delivered is to vote “YES” at the Manor Royal BID ballot in February 2023.


One vision and five objectives

The vision for the Manor Royal BID is “For Manor Royal to be widely regarded as the place where companies and people choose to be for the strength of its business community and the quality of its trading and working environment.”

Objective 1: Promote and influence

Promote Manor Royal and its companies, attract new investment and represent the interests of the Business District.


Objective 2: Trade and Save

Provide opportunities to bring companies together to trade with one another and to save money.


Objective 3: Infrastructure and facilities

Improve the physical environment, public realm and infrastructure so that Manor Royal looks good and works better.


Objective 4: Sustain and renew

Help to make Manor Royal and its companies more sustainable and live within our means.


Objective 5: Manage and maintain

Deliver enhanced levels of maintenance and security throughout the Business District.


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