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Gatwick is the UK’s second largest airport and flies a range of both short and long-haul point-to-point services.  The airport is a vital piece of the UK’s national infrastructure and is also a major driver for both the regional and national economies and is just two miles (5 minutes) from Manor Royal.  


You can read about the plans Gatwick has for developing the airport HERE 



Do you know that Manor Royal is within the aerodrome safeguarding zone for Gatwick Airport?

This means that certain developments will be referred to Gatwick Airport to check to see if there will be any impacts on air safety. Developers are encouraged to contact the safeguarding team for advice before they submit a planning application. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when assessing new developments, such as:

Wildlife Management: Bird strike is the most common wildlife safety risk to aircraft. In Manor Royal gulls are a particular problem, with large numbers nesting, roosting and loafing on roofs. Some buildings have bird hazard management plans in force as a part of their planning permission and should be complied. If you are not sure if your property has a Bird Hazard Management Plan in force, please email:

Download Bird Hazard advice leaflet HERE


Other considerations include the height of any development and construction equipment within a certain distance of the airport (Obstacle Limitation Surfaces), impact of development on airport communication and navigation equipment, ensuring lighting is carefully designed to avoid glint and glare to pilots or Air Traffic Control, use of renewables, how the height & movement of cranes and construction equipment affects radar and Instrument Flight Procedures (IFPs).



Find out about Gatwick aerodrome safeguarding HERE 

Find national aerodrome safeguarding advice HERE

Apply for a crane permit HERE

Find out about flying a drone near the airport HERE


If you have any queries concerning aerodrome safeguarding at Gatwick Airport or are planning a development and would like advice, contact

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