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Business Rangers Service

Project Background

While Manor Royal does not suffer from high levels of reported crime, the lack of area-wide security has been a concern given the large number of businesses on Manor Royal and its proximity to Gatwick Airport. The service brief incorporates a business liaison role and the ability to tackle issues directly and, where required, escalate issues to local authorities and the police - to identify anti-social behaviour hot-spots (such as litter problems and dangerous parking) and maintenance and environmental issues that require action throughout the business district.

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Project Outcome

Steered by business leaders from the BID Board and Management team, Manor Royal BID launched a new Business Ranger Service in September 2017, funded by Manor Royal BID and being delivered by SWL Security Services Ltd following a competitive tender. The Business Ranger team is dedicated to Manor Royal Business District and contributes to community safety and security.

Business Rangers wear clearly branded BID clothing, enabling people to spot them in the business district if they have any concerns.The service builds on the ANPR and CCTV security services delivered by the Manor Royal BID, Business Watch and Sussex Police.


"During the tender process, SWL demonstrated a strong commitment to build a true partnership through the delivery of this specialist service. Our Rangers will become the eyes and ears of Manor Royal BID, listening to concerns, facilitating a quicker response and providing reassurance to all." Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of Manor Royal BID.

Additional Services

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Perry Daniels / T: 07597 395 993  / E:

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