Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID)
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Manor Royal BID

Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID)

The Manor Royal BID was created in June 2013 following a vote by businesses and is governed by Manor Royal businesses. MRBD Limited is an independent not-for-profit company formed by Manor Royal companies to manage and deliver the manor Royal BID Business Plan and its various projects. The Manor Royal BID is a mechanism to allow businesses to create a fund and attract additional investment to improve the Business District in ways they decide, working with and holding to account other agencies as necessary.


"For Manor Royal to be widely regarded as the place where the best companies and people choose to be for the strength of its business community and the quality of its trading and working environment."

Business Plan

The agreed Business Plan is central to everything the Manor Royal BID does. It sets out our three core objectives and the basis for lobbying and influencing others.

Business Plan Prospectus 2013 - 2018
Business Plan Proposal 2013 - 2018

Projects and initiatives

The Manor Royal BID provides the impetus and resource to generate investment to deliver a range of capital and revenue projects. This leads directly to area-wide improvements and benefits for Manor Royal businesses and employees.

Manor Royal BID projects and initiatives
Manor Royal BID Benefits

Meet the Board and Management Group

The governance of the BID is provided by members drawn from Manor Royal businesses. The Board provides strategic oversight of the BID while a management group, also predominantly made up of Manor Royal business supported by individuals from other organisations like Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council, deals with operational matters.

Discover more about the Board and the Management Group
Minutes of the Board and Management Group
BID AGMs and Accounts

Manor Royal Membership - Be part of it

Involvement of Manor Royal businesses is vital and actively encouraged. Membership of the Manor Royal BID Company (MRBD Limited) is FREE to all Manor Royal BID levy payers. Only members of the BID Company can vote at AGMs and matters of strategic importance. Businesses are actively encouraged to become a member.

Find out how to become a Manor Royal BID member
BID Director nomination guide and form

Manor Royal BID Levy

Every year the Manor Royal BID produces a leaflet to explain how the BID Levy was invested last year and how it will be invested next year for the benefit of the area and Manor Royal businesses.

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