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"By 2026 Manor Royal will evolve into the south east's leading mixed-activity employment hub, providing modern business accommodation, a range of supporting amenities and achieving environmental excellence to drive the growth of Crawley and the Gatwick Diamond economy." 
The Masterplan Vision.

The masterplan provides the vision and strategic direction for the growth and development of Manor Royal. It is used to inform planning decisions and identifies the opportunities for a range of commercial, leisure, environmental and transport enhancements to secure the area's future success.

The Masterplan document suite

The masterplan is made up of a series of documents to provide clarity in terms of the scale, location and nature of future growth. The main masterplan documents are:

Design guide (SPD) and public realm strategy

A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been produced to encourage good design on Manor Royal and is used by Crawley Borough Coucil to provide guidance on the design for new developments. There is also a separate Public Realm Strategy document that sets out a series of possible improvements that would enhance the overall trading and working environment, some of which are being progressed and promoted by the Manor Royal BID.

View the Design Guide SPD and Public Realm Strategy

Development Principle Statements (DPS) for Key Sites

To accompany the Masterplan a series of Development Principle Statements have been produced to guide the development of Manor Royal's key sites.

View the Manor Royal Development Principle Statements

The "Heart" of Manor Royal - the Hub

The "hub" is the term used to describe a range of services and facilities, like small shops and cafes, that the Business District needs to enhance the experience for workers and visitors.

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For further planning advice & guidance

For planning advice call 01293 438581 or e-mail


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Manor Royal Fact
Home to numerous blue chip, global companies such as Virgin Atlantic, CGG, Thales, Varian Medical Systems, Elekta and Vent-Axia