Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID)
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Manor Royal Success Movie

BID 2 Renewal

Bid Renewal





Partners & Benefits


Promotions & Offers


BID2 Business Plan

Key documents of Manor Royal BID2.

The Business Plan / BID Proposal

Business Plan (prospectus) - short version of the Business Plan
Full Business Plan (proposal)

The Operating Agreement - sets the rules for calculating and collecting the BID Levy

Baseline Agreements

These agreements set out the basic level of service provided by key partners. What the Manor Royal BID provides is in addition to those services defined in these agreements. 

Crawley Borough Council - street cleansing
Crawley Borough Council - arboricultural services
Crawley Borough Council - grounds maintenance
Crawley Borough Council - street furniture
West Sussex County Council
Sussex Police

Notices and other documents

Notice of Ballot and Cover Letter issued by Electoral Services
Letter requesting the Council to hold a BID Ballot
Notice to the Secretary of State

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