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Micro-park network & arts trail

Micro-park network & arts trail

Parks and Sculptures - Inspired By You!

The Manor Royal BID has secured funding to design and build a series of improved outdoor spaces for the benefit of employees and visitors. Perfect for an outdoor meeting, catching up with friends or just to take a break from a hectic day.

Eventually these areas will form a connected network with other parks areas celebrating the story of Manor Royal in different ways, so that no one is more than a five minute walk from decent outdoor space, that is interesting, evocative and inspired by you.  

The stories and history of Manor Royal will be used by artists to help design each park area using details of the products, places and people that have made and make Manor Royal what it is.


New Linear Park and Lost Woodland Gallery

The Manor Royal BID is working with sculptor Andrew Mckeown and Allen Scott Landscape Architects to transform Woolborough Lane into a linear park and enhance Crawter’s Brook by creating a “Lost Woodland Gallery”, inspired by Manor Royal’s unique history, industry and your ideas about the business district and its future. 

Send us your stories, poems, memories or pictures that celebrate Manor Royal’s heritage, industry and people.

You don’t have to be artist. It could be as simple as sharing evocative words, occupation or old company names, things that were made here or just simple phrases that come to mind when you think of Manor Royal.

You could inspire a sculpture. You could draw something or share a photo that might inspire a sculpture for the “Lost Woodland Gallery”.

Sculptures Background Info

Crawters Brook

Woolborough Lane

We'd love to hear from you. What would you like to see here? How would you like it to look? Send your completed worksheets or email email your ideas, pictures stories or comments to

Supplementary information

Project background
Trails Site Map
Manor Royal Pictorial History Timeline

Planned Park Areas
- Metcalf Way / County Oak Way
- Fleming Way
- Rutherford Way / Gatwick Road
- Rutherford Way / Priestley Way
- Crawter's Brook
- Woolborough Lane
- Manor Royal Central
- Manor Royal West

Manor Royal Narrative and Trail Strategy - Read it now 

Read some of the stories, feelings and history of the Manor Royal Business District that will be used to inspire the creation of the micro-parks. Our thanks to the Arts of England who supported this project by an award of a lottery grant. See what Manor Royal once was and how it now is. 

Getting in touch

If you are a business, employee (past or present) or a member of the public with a photos or a Manor Royal story to share (however big or small) please get in touch at

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