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Cari - Free online support for Employee Wellbeing

Free Online Support for Employee Wellbeing, courtesy of CARI.

Cari is your AI-enabled Wellbeing Super Assistant who can work alongside your team to help boost wellbeing and performance.

She offers confidential online Wellbeing Consultations and Personalised Support Plans based on psychology and neuroscience.

She can analyse tiny nuances in someone's responses and sees behind a brave face in ways that a human can't.

Following a short 20 minute online consultation, each person will receive a personalised wellbeing support plan related to their current emotional and psychological state. It really works!

Manor Royal BID companies can access CARI for FREE and gain access to a range of FREE wellbeing seminars and exclusive discounts on related courses covering topics such as Personal Resilience, Business Resilience and NeuChem Leadership.

Contact the BID office to access CARI, email

Thanks to the Manor Royal BID, companies in the Business District get a 30% discount on Personal Resilience and NeuChem Leadership workshops plus a 50% discount on Building Business Back workshops.

In addition, for the next 5 Building Business Back/NeuChem workshops, get an 80% discount. 


BUILD BUSINESS BETTER: From Vision to Action - Re-Imagining yourBusiness - 2 September 2020

BUILD BUSINESS BETTER: Leadership for Virtual Teams - Myths and Reality 9 September 2020

NEUCHEM LEADERSHIP: Inspiring Leadership - 23 September 2020

BUILD BUSINESS BACK BETTER: Neuroscience of Change for the Better - 21 October 2020

BUILD BUSINESS BETTER:Resource Innovation for a  Sustainable Future - 30 October 2020

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