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Manor Royal "Microlearn" eLearning Hub

The Manor Royal BID has teamed up with MicroLearn, a leading eLearning content provider, to provide free and unlimited access to cutting edge e-learning resources for all Manor Royal companies.

The Manor Royal eLearning Hub provides FREE access to a wide range of subjects delivered in a variety of different formats including animated videos, case studies, infographics, workbooks and fact sheets.

Train your staff from anywhere and manage their learning journey through your own secure log-on. 

How it works?

Contact the BID office to gain access to the Manor Royal "MicroLearn" eLearning Hub. Once we have verified your details you will be sent your own log-on and Managers Guide to set up your staff and get them learning.

Access the Manor Royal "MicroLearn" eLearning Hub

More information
Watch a two-minute film about MicroLearn
See the MicroLearn eLearning brochure

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