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Get Grant Ready

Get Grant Ready

Get Grant Ready - with Jeremy Taylor

Find the Right Grant

It is important to identify what you need the funding for before you start looking for a Scheme. Most Grants look to support specific capital investment that will drive growth & you will need a focus for the expenditure.

  1. Is it relevant & appropriate to your business & sector?
  2. Do you qualify? 
  3. Does it align with your Vision, Mission & Business Plan? 
  4. Does your business & the Proposal align with the funder's aims? 
  5. Is the time frame achievable?  



Make sure you focus on the process & the expected outputs

  1. Read the guidelines - & read them again 
  2. Make a timeline and gain commitments from the team
  3. Deconstruct the Application Form into a working document
  4. Create your own checklist & marking sheet

 Get Started 

  1. Allocate roles based on expertise, knowledge, time, etc 
  2. Identify key messages that are relevant to the funding body
  3. Are pictures, graphs & charts appropriate, relevant &/or allowed? Only include them if they contribute to the application 
  4. Share your passion by telling a compelling & engaging story
  5. Be specific about what you want to buy & why it is needed for the Proposal 
  6. Do your research into the market
  7. Be aware of risks & the contingency plans you may need to make 
  8. Prove growth, savings &/ or efficiencies in terms of money & time  

Above all, a good application will combine logic with passion & be supported by evidence

If you would like help in deciding what's right for you, talk to Jeremy about a Grant Readiness Review to find the right fund for your business or organisation's growth plans.

07831 148064

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