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Save with easit and the Manor Royal BID

Save with easit and the Manor Royal BID

Commuting costs you, your business and your staff time and money. The Manor Royal BID provides all Manor Royal companies with free access to easit to help reduce cost, congestion and encourage sustainable travel.

See full details on the scheme here

If you are travelling into work in Manor Royal at the moment, you may be using you car rather than travelling on pubic transport.

In light of this, Easit Crawley are happy to announce that they have managed to secure another discount with Halfords that will give Easit members 10% off Motoring on in-store purchases.

In addition to the above motoring discount, you can get 10% off Cycling on in-store purchases that Easit members can also take advantage of.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our everyday lives and as we muddle through the latest lockdown, it's important to look after our mental health, as well as our general health and cycling can really help with this. Plus, now that the weather is warming up there's no better time to be outside.

For more details regarding the above initiatives, please visit the easit on the Manor Royal website 

Once registered please:
- Click on the ‘Dashboard' button at the top of the page
- Click on the ‘Your initiatives/discounts' button
- Follow the instructions!

Or for more information, please contact


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