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Business Grants Available

Business Grants Available

Crawley Borough Council's successful small business grant scheme is set to continue with the help of continued funding from a county-wide pot. The council is continuing supporting micro and small businesses in Crawley as part of the scheme that has already financed over 50 small businesses in Crawley since it launched in November 2016.

As part of the scheme, funding is available in the form of a variety of grants:

  • Apprenticeship grants for local micro and small enterprises (businesses with fewer than 50 employees) to offset the costs of hiring and training apprentices.• Grants for small business start-up, are available to encourage Crawley residents to set up their own enterprises, by helping them meet business set up costs. 
  • Grants to help existing small businesses to grow. For example, this could help a business to pay to access relevant training modules such as business planning or employment law and recruitment. The grant can also be used to invest in equipment, product or tech development, marketing activity or research.

The maximum apprenticeship grant is £1,500. Funding of up to £2,000 is available for small business grants. For all small business grants, 50 per cent match funding is required from the businesses.

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