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Businesses formally notified of BID Renewal Ballot

Businesses formally notified of BID Renewal Ballot

In line with the rules governing the creation and renewal of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), the Notice of Ballot has been sent to all businesses entitled to vote in the upcoming Manor Royal BID Renewal Ballot.

All BIDs have to follow strict rules for conducting a BID Ballot, a postal ballot that will decide whether the Manor Royal BID continues for another five years.

The confidential 28 day postal Ballot has to be conducted independently and is administered by the Local Authority Electoral Services, similar to the type of process for voting in a General or Local Election. The difference being that businesses are voting specifically on whether they want to be in charge of and contribute to investments, improvements and services in the place they do business and employ people.

The Notice of Ballot is sent by Electoral Services to those businesses who would be expected to pay the BID Levy. It is these businesses and only these businesses who are entitled to vote.

The Notice formally sets out the rules for how the Ballot will be conducted, when things happen and what businesses need to do.

“For the vast majority of Manor Royal businesses the Notice of Ballot should come as no surprise,” Said Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of the Manor Royal BID, “We have been working very hard to let people know about the BID Renewal process and what they need to do. The Business Plan has been sent to everyone we can send it to.”

The Notice of Ballot is viewable on the Manor Royal BID website as is the Business Plan and all documents businesses need to make an informed decision about the Manor Royal BID.

Any businesses unsure about the process can contact the BID Office.

View all documents relating to the BID Renewal process, including the Notice of  Ballot here.

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