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Manor Royal BID Holds AGM Ahead of Renewal Ballot

Manor Royal BID Holds AGM Ahead of Renewal Ballot

The Manor Royal BID company, MRBD Limited, held its latest Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday (Thursday 28 September) at the Premier Inn in Fleming Way.  This was the fourth AGM of the not-for-profit company, held ahead of next year’s ballot to renew the BID for a further five-years.

The 2016/17 Annual Report and Accounts were formally presented at the AGM as part of the BID’s accountability and governance.  The BID is run by Manor Royal based business people and its priorities are set out in an agreed Business Plan which is then delivered by the BID team and its partners.

At the AGM, progress against the Business Plan was discussed and the previous year’s activities were accounted for.  Three MRBD Ltd Directors - Michael Deacon-Jackson, FTD Johns; Markus Wood, Avensys and Zoe Wright, The B&CE Group - were formally re-appointed on a show of hands.

During the event, the BID Chairman announced the launch of a new Business Rangers Service that will provide a day-and-night community patrol throughout the Business District.  The new Ranger team is funded by the Manor Royal BID and will contribute to community safety and security across the Business District.

Speaking at the AGM, BID Chairman Trevor Williams, Site Director of Thales UK, said: “I would like to thank everyone who has worked with the BID during the past year - I hope you all feel as proud of our achievements as I do.  The outlook for Manor Royal Business District is very positive. During the past year, we have continued to leverage critical investment from third party sources to improve Manor Royal and without the conduit of the BID, I doubt this would have happened.” 

He added: “I hope our business community will vote ‘Yes’ to renew the Manor Royal BID for a further five-year term next February, so we can continue this tremendous work for the benefit of us all.”

The latest Manor Royal BID Annual Report is available to view here.

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