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Survey finds strong support for Manor Royal BID

Survey finds strong support for Manor Royal BID

The nights may be drawing in, but the future for Manor Royal Business District is bright and getting better, according to an independent survey commissioned by the Manor Royal BID.

The business partnership has published the results of its Mid Term Review, which was conducted earlier this year by Prowse & Co. to assess the mood of the business community in the area.  In addition to general questions about Manor Royal as a business district, the survey focused on the activities of the BID and future priorities as ranked by companies on Manor Royal.

The overall picture painted is one of positivity and support for the Manor Royal BID, said Steve Sawyer, Executive Director. “This survey shows companies located on the business district feel that Manor Royal has improved as a business location in the past year and have confidence in the work of the BID”, he said. “The findings demonstrate we are helping to address the needs of companies located here, although it is clear there is still work to be done to ensure Manor Royal remains an attractive business location.”

There were 157 responds to the survey split across a wide range of company sizes and sectors.  76% of respondents said they are ‘supportive of the BID’ and 88% of respondents felt that BID activities were relevant to their business.

When asked to rank a list of current BID activities, the following were selected as ‘very important’ by respondents (in order of priority): ‘Provide a representative voice on issues impacting on the business district’ (70%); ‘Keep Manor Royal companies informed of business issues’ (68%); ‘Promote businesses on Manor Royal’ (64%); ‘Build a sense of community’ (58%); and ‘Attract new business/inward investment’ (57%).

Among the services provided by the BID, those which ranked highly include the ‘Manor Royal Business Watch’, subsidised travel & transport initiatives for people working on Manor Royal and the additional winter gritting service.

More generally, it would seem that the look and feel of Manor Royal Business District is a concern for some businesses.  Whilst a high 97% of respondents said they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with Manor Royal as a place to do business, issues such as parking, traffic congestion and the condition of the road and footpaths pose challenges.  Some respondents would also like to see more facilities in the business district including places to meet.

Commenting on the findings, BID Chairman Trevor Williams said: “The Manor Royal BID has now passed the half-way point of its first five-year term and many of its planned projects are being delivered.  There is still much to do, but good progress has been made and looking forward, it is important we focus on the priorities as determined by those companies who pay the BID Levy.”

View the survey findings here.

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