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New Article 4 Consultation

New Article 4 Consultation

A consultation letter has been sent to all Manor Royal companies informing of the proposed action to prevent commercial buildings from being converted to housing. The Manor Royal BID has previously encouraged and supported Crawley Borough Council in ensuring that developers would have to secure planning permission before converting offices or warehouses into housing, which they could otherwise do under changes to the planning system introduced by Central Government called Permitted Development Rights.

In this latest development Central Government is now proposing that developers can convert smaller light industrial buildings for use as housing. A development both Crawley Borough Council and the Manor Royal BID strongly resist. 

In order to protect Manor Royal Business District as a place of business and work the Council is now perusing something called an Article 4 Directive to protect our Light Industrial properties from being converted for housing.

Every company on Manor Royal should by now have received notice from the Council informing them of this action. Given the importance of this issue the information is provided here:

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