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Manor Royal BID Publishes BID Levy Leaflet

Manor Royal BID Publishes BID Levy Leaflet

The BID Levy Leaflet is produced by the Manor Royal BID Company each year to let BID levy paying companies know how funds generated by the BID are being invested to improve the area as a place to work and trade. 

It sets out how funds were invested in the previous year and how they are intended to be invested in the year ahead. It provides information to every business in the area about the progress of the BID and is also made available online so that anyone with an interest in Manor Royal can find out what is going on. This is all part of how the Manor Royal BID operates to ensure that as much information as possible is widely available, this includes minutes of meetings, accounts and the annual report.



This year the BID Levy leaflet, which is dispatched every year with the BID Levy bill, details the decision of the Board to not increase the BID Levy charge for the second year running as well as significant progress in terms of new services, events and infrastructure improvements.



As a reminder, the ways in which the BID levy is invested is in line with the agreed BID Business Plan (2013-18) and the decisions of the BID Board, which is made up of Manor Royal business representatives. Importantly the decisions of the Board are driven by the feedback it receives from Manor Royal companies and staff.



If you haven't already you are encouraged to complete the BID Survey to influence and inform future investment decisions.


You can view the BID Levy leaflet here

You can complete the BID Survey here

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