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New Avion and IAGO training centre in Manor Royal

New Avion and IAGO training centre in Manor Royal

New flight training centre is located in the Boeing training building on Manor Royal.

In the new centre customers will have a unique experience with Avion's A320 full flight simulator that recreates 97% of the actual aircraft behavior. The simulator motion platform has six degrees of freedom and besides the realistic sound, the simulator also has a number of special motion and visual effects. The simulator is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to Level-D. The Avion A320 full flight simulator is available for multiple types of professional training, including Full and CCQ Type Ratings, Multi Crew Cooperation and Airline Pilot Standard Courses (MCC and APS) Type Rating Instructor and Examiner Training Courses (TRI and TRE), Command upgrade training and UPRT.

About Avion

Avion Group is a Dutch company, headquartered in Amsterdam, with the focus on Full Flight Simulator manufacturing and operation. Avion group was founded in 2015 and since then was recognized as a successful player in the aviation industry for the flight simulators and training. Our innovative product, Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator, is the most advanced next generation Level D Full Flight Simulator and has large international attention. With a successful operation of our centre in Malta, we are now opening a new centre in London.

The uniqueness of Avion's FFS platform to reach the above consists of:

A lightweight design; 7.5 tons versus 12 tons seen on legacy devices: more robust and smooth operation, lower electricity cost, and lighter floor structure.

An innovative solution consisting of integrated stairs, servers and air conditioning. This will simplify building specifications; ideal for regional locations operating smaller centers.

A modular structure, resulting in rapid transportation and installation, as well as easy maintenance, creating a one-week assembly time and lower transportation and installation costs.

The latest technology to anticipate on maintenance, increasing reliability, training availability and overall quality, as well as remote online monitoring, planning and maintenance based on prognostic data analysis.

About IAGO

IAGO brings an experienced team of passionate training professionals that will continue to provide valuable professional pilot training services to existing and new clients. IAGO pilot training programs focus more on the areas its customers actively seek. IAGO spends more time on the areas that matter to develop pilots with the right capabilities and train them the right way. This approach de-risks the employment pathway for both the cadet pilots and the airline. IAGO is also changing the way its future pilot will be trained; where some organizations are focusing on tools to assist instructor-student data feedback, IAGO will also be advancing course methodology, challenging conventional training pathways to provide improved role-related training. IAGO, a trusted training partner with strong customer engagement, value focused, and safety led training programs, provides quality commercial pilot training solutions.

The combination of Avion and IAGO creates a forward-thinking and capable partnership, which will continue to provide innovative training solutions and improve all aspects pilot training moving forward. Avion's brand proposition will stay focused on quality, value and forging unique customer-owned programs.

An alliance setting the standards for commercial pilot training now and well into the future.

We are happy to provide you best experience with our full flight simulator and together with training partner IAGO we are bringing flight training to the next level.

For UK sales and any training inquiries please email: and for European and global sales please email:

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