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Record Attendance at ‘Manor Royal Matters’ Debating Issues and Celebrating the Success of the Manor Royal Business District

Record Attendance at ‘Manor Royal Matters’ Debating Issues and Celebrating the Success of the Manor Royal Business District

Record numbers of the Manor Royal business community attended the ‘Manor Royal Matters' conference last Thursday at Crawley's Sandman Signature Hotel.

The business conference, organised by the Manor Royal BID, brought together businesses large and small to discuss the challenges affecting the UK's largest business park BID.

Chairman of Manor Royal BID, Trevor Williams hosted the event, alongside Steve Sawyer, Executive Director, with a keynote presentation from RBS Economist Marcus Wright plus breakout discussions on wellness & community, property and improving the Manor Royal environment.

Those attending had the opportunity to find out about and comment on the progress of the Manor Royal BID and aspects of doing business in Manor Royal, by participating in an electronic voting session. Over 90% of people said they were supportive of the Manor Royal BID, with 86% reporting that the BID was focussed on the right things.

Regarding confidence and predicted growth, Manor Royal companies reported high-levels of confidence, with over 80% reporting feeling either moderately or very confident. 77% expected their business to grow in the next year.

56.5% of the audience reported feeling worried about BREXIT, a significant reduction on the 80% who felt worried in the previous year. 32.6% said they had no worries at all compared to 20% who had no worries about BREXIT from last year.

90.2% of those voting from Manor Royal said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with Manor Royal, compared to 82.8% who made the same claim last year.

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of the Manor Royal BID said: "Events like these enable us to debate important issues, listen to the views of local business leaders and give a stronger sense of community across Manor Royal Business District. From our survey, businesses feel confidence is improving generally in the economy and that the Manor Royal BID is succeeding in meeting our objectives"

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