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Support needed to help stop offices and warehouses being converted to housing (Article 4)

Support needed to help stop offices and warehouses being converted to housing (Article 4)

The Manor Royal BID has repeatedly called for and worked with Crawley Borough Council in support of its efforts to prevent properties on the Business District being converted to housing by introducing an Article Four Direction.

By now all Manor Royal businesses would have received a letter from the Council describing in technical terms what all this means. Here is a non-technical explanation of why this is important and what you need to do.

What is the problem?
The Government changed the planning rules to allow offices and warehouses to be converted to housing without having to apply for planning permission. This has already resulted in the loss of two office buildings in Manor Royal, one of which was occupied by a number of small businesses. This could happen again and could result in the loss of more offices and warehouses causing disruption to businesses and the function of the area as whole.

What is an Article 4 and how will that help?
An Article Four Direction removes the rights of landlords and property owners to convert their buildings without applying for permission first. The introduction of an Article Four for Manor Royal would give more protection and certainty to Manor Royal based businesses from the threat of their building or those buildings nearby being turned into housing.

What is the position of the Manor Royal BID?
The Manor Royal BID firmly believes that Manor Royal is a "Business" District and should remain so. This is a position we have consistently argued. There is already a shortage of buildings in the area which is predicted to get worse. By allowing the unplanned conversion of commercial buildings undermines Manor Royal as a key business location.

You can read our most recent response to the Council HERE

What do I need to do as a Manor Royal business?
Respond to the notice you have been sent and let us - the BID Office - and most importantly the Council know that you are supportive of this action, assuming that you are.

How do I respond?
Simply email and say you are supportive of the action being taken by the Council to protect commercial properties from conversion to housing by the introduction of the Article Four Direction. If you have any specific comments to make, supportive or otherwise, please include those too.

We in the BID office are always interested to know what you think so we can represent you at the meetings we attend so you are welcome to include us in any comments you make by email to

When do I need to respond?
The consultation runs between 22 July and 23 October 2015 - but why delay?

How can I find out more information?
Crawley Council has produced some detailed notes on its website 

Didn't receive a letter? Here's what it said.

Click here to read the formal notice given by Crawley Borough Council.

Click here to view a map that the Article 4 Direction relates to 




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