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Plea for businesses to have their say on car cruising

Plea for businesses to have their say on car cruising

Businesses are being urged to help with a crackdown on "car cruises" around Crawley.

Crawley Borough Council and Sussex Police have received a number of complaints about vehicles regularly "cruising" through the town and congregating in commercial and industrial areas, including parts of Manor Royal.

The Manor Royal BID and Manor Royal Business Watch have been working closely with the council and police to look at protecting businesses from damage and nuisance caused by car cruising in the area. There are also plans to introduce a Public Space Protection Order for Manor Royal.

But the BID's Executive Director Steve Sawyer said feedback from businesses is critical in helping to assess the size of the problem and justification for action. To help with this, companies are being asked to complete this short questionnaire and return it to the council by Monday 13 July.

"It is our firm belief that the introduction of the Public Space Protection Order is much needed and we, on behalf of Manor Royal businesses, are supportive of it principally in order to deter and help protect the area and companies from the disruption, damage and danger posed by the threat of car cruising," said Mr Sawyer in a letter to the PSCO for Manor Royal, Sebastian Turner.

"We have made strenuous efforts working with the police, Crawley Borough Council, and Manor Royal Business Watch with the support of local businesses to deter car cruising in the area. This is an activity that poses a persistent threat to normal business activities as well as representing a definite public safety issue impacting a number of areas.

"Complaints reported to use include damage to property, littering, noise, staff and customers feeling threatened, cost to business in clearing rubbish and bio hazards, including urine through letter boxes, and the danger to life."

He continued: "The frustration has been that our efforts thus far have not provided sufficient protection or deterrent and that people, businesses and the area remains vulnerable.

"It is of vital importance we do all we can to ensure successful commercial areas remain successful and desirable. Safety is foremost in achieving that aspiration.

"It is for these reasons that we support the introduction of the Public Space Protection Order for the added rigour it will provide to the authorities in safeguarding our businesses and the livelihoods of the people that depend on a thriving Manor Royal Business District."

Mr Sawyer added: "Manor Royal BID businesses are also entitled to join Manor Royal Business Watch, the business security network, for free.It provides a tool for sharing information, receiving security alerts and advice relevant to running a business in Manor Royal."


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