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Save money as you improve the health of your body and mind

Save money as you improve the health of your body and mind

Gatwick Road-based Loose Yoga is giving Manor Royal employees the chance to take time out of their busy days to stretch out their poor posture from seated work, listen to their bodies and quiet the head chatter.

By visiting and purchasing blocks of five, 10 or 20 classes, people who work on Manor Royal will receive a 15% discount if they use the discount code MRyoga15. Blocks last for 365 days so people have plenty of time to use them up.

Lucy Leslie said she opened Loose Yoga in March 2014 and has nine "wonderful" teachers who help to provide more than 25 classes a week. "Our studio gives people the space to be themselves for a short time in their day," she explained. "People are working too much, not sleeping well, suffering from stress and just exhausted on the whole.

"We can help change how people perceive the importance of their own wellbeing. Yoga teaches us how to value our own body and mind, it recognises that both must be healthy if we are to live effectively.

"Looking after ourselves makes us feel good and that trickles down to our families and jobs. We have classes for absolute beginners and for the super fit. There are also classes that require no movement, completely still meditation and yoga Nira classes, which transport you off to a place of semi-conscious sleep."

She added: "We're always adding new classes and we're also running workshops on health and nutrition."

To discover more visit, email, call 07930406878 or pop in and see them at 41 Gatwick Road, RH10 9RD

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