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Manor Royal company's Easter charity campaign

Shoppers are being encouraged to drop an extra Easter Egg in their trolley for children's charities across Sussex and Surrey - and B&CE is leading the charge.

B&CE, a not for profit financial services company based in Manor Royal since 1963, is supporting the Heart Sussex and Surrey campaign this year. The campaign runs from 16-29 March.

Last year, 17 charities received their share of more than 1,700 eggs collected in just two weeks at local supermarkets and shopping centres. Charities included B&CE's nominated charity for fundraising this year, Chestnut Tree House.

B&CE runs The People's Pension, the largest private sector multi-employer pension scheme in the UK. The People's Pension enables employers to comply with Government rules regarding automatically enrolling their staff into workplace pensions.

Patrick Heath-Lay, Chief Executive Officer of B&CE, said: "We are proud to be supporting the Heart Surrey and Sussex Extra Egg at Easter campaign this year, and hope to see many more eggs collected than ever before.

"We have been in Manor Royal for more than 50 years, and have very strong roots in Crawley. Being a not for profit company means that we really can put the people who matter, our savers, at the heart of everything we do.

"I would like to urge everyone reading this to take a second to pick up an extra egg and drop it in their trolley or basket to cheer up a child this Easter."

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