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Gateway 3 update

Gateway 3 update

First impressions are important. The main points of entry and exit, the "gateways", create that first impression however, they are generally of low quality and lack distinctiveness. The Manor Royal BID Company (MRBD Limited) is working to change that and Gateway 3 (near Astral Towers) is the first.

We've been taking votes on four design concepts that Allen Scott Architects came up with following a design workshop and, because people have been asking about it, we have now added a fifth option - the original rabbit design. 

To see how the voting is going and all the design concepts CLICK HERE

You can change everything.Take a look and vote by email or twitter.

So far "Ascent" is in front but that could still change.

Why a rabbit? One of the original ideas for Gateway 3 was to create something memorable and distinctive based on the idea that the roundabout is locally known by some as the "Rabbit Roundabout". We dropped this concept following the design workshop but some people have been asking about it, so we are letting you see what that might look like. If you like it vote for it. 

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