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Gatwick Road proposed parking changes

The Manor Royal BID team, with the support of one or two business representatives, has been working with West Sussex County Council to look at ways to relieve the parking problems at Gatwick Road Parade.

After much work, three options are being proposed. It is vitally important you read and respond to this. Once the solution is in place it will be enforceable and difficult to revoke and it will affect how you, your staff, visitors and customers are able to use the area.

You have until 15 October 2014 to let us know what you think. If we fail to make our representations to West Sussex County Council in time, the opportunity to put in place enforcement measures will be significantly delayed or even lost.

The delay to date has been around the difficulty in finding a universally acceptable solution that solves the problem (or the worst of it) while keeping any adverse impact on businesses to a minimum.

The judgement you need to make is whether the inconvenience of the proposed enforcement measure is outweighed by the perceived benefit curbing overnight and long stay parking will bring.

Here are the options - please read and understand what they mean:

OPTION 1: Click here to view the plan proposed by the West Sussex County Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Team. It is based on a restricted hour between 6am and 7am when any car parked on the road in front of the business premises of Gatwick Road will be issued with a parking ticket. There would also be double yellow lines at either end to create safe turning heads. This has been provided for safety reasons but results in a loss of parking spaces of something like 10 spaces (possibly more).
Option 1 is the preferred, recommended option of the TRO Team.

OPTION 2: As above with the same restriction between 6am and 7am but without the double yellow lines to create the turning heads. The area stays pretty much as it is but with an hour restriction to try and curb overnight and long-term parking. That's about all it could do - we have to be realistic about this. This is not the preferred option of the TRO Team and so there is a risk it may not be approved, however, if this preferred by businesses it should be considered.

OPTION 3: Drop the idea of enforcement altogether.

Your feedback is vital as the majority view will determine future action. Only the opinion of those companies that respond to this can be taken into account when considering the next steps. Your responses will determine whether a restriction is proposed and what form that restriction will take.

Please consider the following questions and let us have your responses:

1. Is the proposed one hour restriction acceptable to you? YES or NO
2. Which option (1, 2 or 3) is your preferred option?
3. Which of these options are completely unacceptable to you?

Please email your answers to Kath Brooks (West Sussex County Council) on

Send you responses, and any comments you may like to make, to Kath by 15 October 2014.



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