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Manor Royal BID Publishes New Business Plan

The Manor Royal BID has published an ambitious new Business Plan for a new five-year term that businesses will be asked to vote on in February 2018.

The Business Plan covers the period 2018 to 2023, and was officially launched in November at the Manor Royal Matters Conference that was attended by 130 delegates.

The document sets in context the achievements of the BID over the first term, charting its progress since June 2013 and the long list of improvements, projects, new services and additional investment that have
been delivered.

“This is a crucial time for the Manor Royal BID,” remarked Keith Pordum,Managing Director of Bon Appetit and
Vice-Chair of the BID. “Such a lot has been achieved over the first term that would not have happened without the BID. The plans for the next five years are even more exciting.”

In order to deliver the Business Plan those businesses expected to pay the BID levy will have to vote in favour of renewing the BID for it to carry on. Providing the majority of businesses vote “yes”, the Manor Royal BID will continue until 2023 and be able to create a package of investment to deliver a range of additional services and improvements for a further five years.

If, however, the majority of businesses vote “no”, the BID will stop, the additional services it provides
will stop (including the Rangers Service, dedicated Maintenance, bespoke training and CCTV) and the improvements it has made for which it is responsible will be restored to their previous state (including the signs, parks, entranceways etc)

The Business Plan has been informed by extensive research and survey work, including independent studies and direct feedback from businesses.

The proposed projects, described under four stated objectives, are based on this body of research and specifically tailored to address the needs of the business district. Business leaders are being asked to familiarise themselves with the new Business Plan, the rules governing the BID and understand how they can participate in the postal ballot in February 2018.

Read the Business Plan here.

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