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Businesses across Manor Royal are being urged to comment by 7 September on the final draft of the BID2 Business Plan summary (below) before it goes to print, ahead of the Ballot Vote to renew the BID in February 2018.  

We want companies to “have a direct say in what we do and how we do it” says Chairman of the BID, Trevor Williams.

A proven track record

Since June 2013, when the businesses first voted to create the Manor Royal BID (Business Improvement District), we have been working hard to deliver on the promises contained in that first Business Plan.

The improvements to the area have been many and notable including a host of new and additional services, infrastructure improvements, dedicated and tailored events, new signage and security cameras, significant influence with key partners and policymakers, reduced rate and free services, a much-improved profile for the area and significant levels of additional investment.  Our work has won numerous awards.

In order to continue and extend that work businesses must vote in something called a Renewal Ballot in February 2018. Before that happens, we want to make sure our priorities are correct.
The Business Plan, which covers the period 2018-2023, sets out the scope of work the Business Improvement District (BID) will undertake if businesses vote for it to continue.

Your BID – Your Priorities – Our Promise

The BID is run by Manor Royal based business people and its priorities are set out in an agreed Business Plan. The BID team and its partners deliver the Business Plan, with effective governance and operational management, providing clear accountability along the way.  

Uniquely, the Manor Royal Business Improvement District (BID) provides an opportunity for businesses to influence the way business district works, looks and feels.  The BID Levy fund also enables companies and their staff to benefit from exclusive and free (or subsidised) services.

The new Business Plan has been informed by the far-reaching business surveys, audits and engagement events the BID has undertaken over the past year.  This information has enabled the BID Board and Management Group to agree the following priorities and projects for a second term of the business improvement district, should you vote for it next February 2018.

The BID will act on four priorities to deliver its stated vision “to improve the trading and working environment of Manor Royal”.

Promote and influence

Promote Manor Royal Business District to secure investment and retain businesses; promote local companies and represent the interests of the business district at a strategic level with private and public sector partners.


  • Promote Manor Royal as a premier business location
  • Represent your views as we work with policymakers to deliver a healthy environment for businesses to succeed on Manor Royal
  • Influence economic development activities as they impact Manor Royal
  • Attract additional investment to fund new projects for the benefit of all
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact for enquiries from business, staff and investors
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders via public relations, marketing, events and digital channels
  • Liaise with public partners, including local authorities, the Police and Gatwick Airport

Trade and Save

Provide opportunities for companies to trade with each other and benefit from subsidised or free services.


  • A tailored programme of exclusive and free events
  • Subsidised staff travel initiatives, including easit membership
  • Subsidised and free services, e.g. business watch, volunteering, waste & recycling, etc
  • Schemes to deliver savings on business overheads
  • High quality, subsidised training and staff development programme
  • Free to access dedicated Manor Royal Jobs Board
  • New dedicated and bespoke Business Directory
  • Negotiated staff benefits

Improve Infrastructure and Facilities

Ensure the infrastructure and facilities on offer meet expectations associated with a premier business destination, so that businesses can function, staff are satisfied and visitors are impressed.


  • New programme of infrastructure improvements, including major entranceways and area enhancements
  • Travel, transport and parking improvements
  • Investigate the potential to generate energy on-site from renewable sources
  • Lobby and help to deliver new facilities for staff to meet, rest and enjoy
  • Even faster broadband
  • New signage including digital outdoor media signs managed by the BID for use by Manor Royal companies

Manage and maintain

Deliver enhanced levels of maintenance, public realm and security throughout the business district.


  • Enhanced levels of additional maintenance provided by a dedicated Maintenance Team
  • Improved day and night security
  • Pro-active Business Rangers team
  • Road and footpath improvements
  • Maintenance of the signs, parks and other assets for which the BID is responsible
  • Maintenance of the area-wide security cameras (CCTV and ANPR) with Sussex Police

Before these objectives are developed into our Business Plan for you to vote on in February 2018, the BID Board is seeking your input.  Let us know what you think before 07 September 2017, particularly if there is something missing or not quite right.

Importantly, let us know the name and contact details of the person in your business who will vote in the BID ballot.  If we don’t know there is a chance your ballot paper will not get to you and you will miss the chance to vote.  Please contact the BID Office or email

Timeline to renewal

Final comments on BID priorities    07 September 2017
Deadline for voter contact details   07 September 2017
Launch of BID Business Plan    07 November 2017
Manor Royal Showcase Event / ballot packs sent  01 February 2018
Postal voting begins (ballot starts)   02 February 2018
Postal ballot closes & announcement    01 March 2018

BID 1 ends 31 May 2018
BID 2 starts 01 June 2018 

To view the statutory letter to the Secretary of State click here.

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