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Chairman's message

This is a significant time for Manor Royal. Those of you who attended the BID Preview event last month at Virgin would have heard about the initial plans and partnerships that have been set up in order to commence on our journey to improve Manor Royal.

Your continued involvement and support is vital if we are to succeed.

Not everyone will want to or necessarily have the time to be a board member or part of the Management Group. However, there are many other ways of getting involved; from being part of a project team, to merely making suggestions about what the area needs or considering how the partnerships and benefits can serve your business and staff.

I've said many times before, the potential and opportunity - especially with the BID in place - is considerable and it's the concentrated shared effort that gets the results.

There's much more on the inside pages of Manor Royal News including details of the founding board, planned capital projects, new partnerships and benefits.

Don't forget to visit and make use of our website, your single point of reference for everything Manor Royal related.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch by contacting Steve Sawyer, Executive Director (, including if you need extra copies of Manor Royal News for your reception or staff.

Let's really make this BID work for us.

Best Regards

Trevor Williams
Manor Royal Business Group, Chair
Thales UK

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