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 Manor Royal Digital Signs

The Manor Royal BID has designed and installed digital advertising screens at key locations around the Business District to help businesses promote themselves and to convey important messages to companies, visitors and employees.

The project, supported by the Crawley Growth Programme, is run by the Manor Royal BID for Manor Royal companies who will enjoy preferential rates. 

Super bright. Super impact

If you want to be noticed in Manor Royal this is for you. Usually the preserve of big brands with big budgets, the Manor Royal Outdoor Digital Advertising Screens make getting noticed more affordable. 

Every day 30,000 people come to Manor Royal to work. Thousands more visit the area for business or pleasure or otherwise pass through on one of it's busy roads, that play host to hundreds of bus movements including the popular Fastway service.

In addition approximately 2 million vehicles pass through the area each month - that's 24 million vehicle movements every year.

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