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Crawley Growth Programme (Manor Royal elements)

What is it?
The Crawley Growth Programme is a £60m investment package of infrastructure improvements and physical regeneration designed to support significant increases in new homes, business investment and employment growth. Funding is provided by the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council alongside investment from the Manor Royal BID, Metrobus, Gatwick Airport and private developers.

There are plans to: improve the junctions along the London Road (A23), create a one-way system around Metcalf Way, introduce a new bus lane on part of Manor Royal road and make changes to Tushmore Roundabout. 

Use the links below to see the details of various highways improvements that people commented on during a consultation exercise that ended on 5th March 2019. The feedback is being used to help inform the detailed design phase. Revised plans will be available later in 2019.
View the propsosed schemes
View the related Questions and Answers sheet

Please note: There also improvements planned to bus stops, cycling and walking facilities and the public realm that will be delivered as separate projects as part of the Crawley Growth Programme. 

What it will do
The programme concentrates on improving the key employment centres of Manor Royal, Gatwick Airport, Crawley Town Centre and key transport hubs and links that support them. The focus is on improving connectivity and the sustainable transport infrastructure into and around the area to make it an easier place to move around and encourage investment.

What this means for Manor Royal
Manor Royal is a key element of the programme, which has been informed by the Manor Royal Transport Study commissioned by the Manor Royal BID. The programme will concentrate on delivering some of the priority projects and schemes identified by the Study and secure millions of pounds of new investment.

When it will be done
The programme has a delivery timeframe of 2018-2021.

How it will get done
The Manor Royal BID will work closely with West Sussex County Council and Crawley Borough Council to ensure the programme meets the need of local businesses and people, taking the lead on projects where appropriate.

Keeping up to date
Details of projects will be posted here as they become available and communicated via the usual channels e.g. the eBulletin and Manor Royal News. 

Key documents and links
View the Manor Royal Matters 2018 Presentation
View the Crawley Growth Programme Prospectus
Visit the West Sussex County Council Growth Deal web pages
Visit the Regenerating Crawley website

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