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Manor Royal BID Projects

The Manor Royal BID provides the impetus and resource to generate investment to deliver a range of capital and revenue projects. This leads directly to area-wide improvements and benefits for Manor Royal businesses and employees. The activities of the BID are linked to the strategic objective set out in our Business Plan.

In addition to those projects listed here the Manor Royal BID delivers a wide range of activities including but not limited to: events, representation of the Business District at a strategic level, area-wide promotions, Business to Business promotions, regular communications, negotiated deals and discounts and more.

Capital Projects

Manor Royal People's Park (Delivered)
Better, Faster Broadband (Delivered)
Area-wide security cameras (CCTV & ANPR) (In progress)
Improved road surfaces (Delivered and On going)
Signage and Wayfinding (In Progress)
Gateway Three Upgrade (In Progress)
Woolborough Lane Subway Upgrade (Delivered)
Replacement and upgrade of Gatwick Road footbridge (with WSCC) (Not started)

Other Projects

"Buy Manor Royal" Local Trade Initiative (Delivered)
HR People's Forum (On going)
Bespoke training courses (On going)
Business Directory (Delivered)

Benefits and partners

The Manor Royal BID has also established a number of partners who provide a range of services for the benefit of Manor Royal companies and their employees. These services and benefits are a deliverable of the Manor Royal BID at free or specially subsidised rates.

See our benefits page for a list of BID benefits and partners.


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