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Manor Royal FREE SEMINAR - Supporting A Resilient Workplace Culture using the PERMA model of Wellbeing

Join Anna Maasland at Bailey and French for an interactive session and Wellbeing Check-In
About this Event

• An overview of Martin Seligman's PERMA model of flourishing

• Exploration of the practical application of this model into organisations and its relevance to supporting people's wellbeing and resilience with current challenges

• An opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges and establish how we can best support ourselves

• Gain a deeper understanding on ways to support their organisations in the current situation, such as dealing with uncertainty, working in hybrid teams

Focussing on the wellbeing of our people has become core to supporting people through the past few months as well as with current challenges, such as working in hybrid teams and encouraging a positive return to work. To build confidence and resilience, providing a positive platform for meaningful human connection is critical.

To support our own and our people's wellbeing in this current climate, it is important to allow ourselves as HR professionals to have an opportunity to share emotions, experiences and connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges.

Learn how to accelerate the way individuals and teams take accountability for their own wellbeing with this experiential, virtual discussion-based session. Come along to experience a pioneering new way of creating wellbeing-based dialogue with our Virtual Wellbeing Check-In.


• Introduction to Bailey & French

• Overview of PERMA+R as a proactive approach to wellbeing and how this builds resilience

Wellbeing Check-In:

• Pulse-check of how people are feeling

• In breakout rooms, discuss questions related to the PERMA model

• Share ideas and personal coping strategies with peers to strengthen learning together

Group Discussion:

• Discuss reflections and tips on supporting wellbeing in organisations in the current climate

Anna Maasland BSc MSc (Hons):

With a BSc in Psychology and a dual MSc degree in Social and Organizational Psychology and Positive Organizational Psychology, Anna is highly skilled at applying Positive Psychology to teams and across organisations. She works in both the public and private sector to support wellbeing and performance conversations. Anna loves to support people to flourish and thrive, in work and beyond. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she loves to learn new ways of applying positive psychology, both personally and with her clients.

Bailey and French:

Bailey & French are Positive Psychology specialists, pioneering a proactive approach to supporting wellbeing, leadership and performance. We work in partnership with the CIPD, speaking at events, and conferences and are leaders in our field, working with a range of organisations, both in the UK and internationally, and across the public and private sector.

Our work encourages people to be their best by creating positive platforms for people to come up with their own ideas, solutions and ways forward, identifying actions most relevant to them, their teams and organisations. For more details on our approach and recent client case stories, click here.

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Date: 03-03-2021