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Manor Royal FREE SEMINAR - Learning To Thrive Reflect .Renew. Re-energise


About this Event

Learning To Thrive

Reflect. Renew. Re-energise.

with Dr Elaine Hickmott | Career Adventurer |

In 2020 it felt like our lives were put into a giant cosmic paper bag, shaken and the contents scattered. Massive enforced change touched us all. Everyone everywhere affected in some way.

Business, communities and individuals around the world stepped up to the challenge. Adaptation on a global scale resulting in new initiatives, new products, new services and...

So what's next for you or your organisation? Are you really ready for what's coming next? Of course you are; you've survived a crisis, right?

In reality, to create value and opportunity going forward it's time to actively free ourselves from survival mode and learn to thrive again together. Many of the answers to achieving this lie in our attitude and approach to change and transitions.

In this upbeat interactive session, Dr Elaine draws on thinking, stories and her own experiences from the world of entrepreneurship and business, innovation and doctoral research, professional and career development.

Designed for businesses of all shapes, sizes, sector or specialism, you will leave with...

• Fresh perspectives on change, transitions and your own situation

• Suggestions for enabling you and your team to move forward with renewed energy

• Examples and ideas of how to help yourself and your business learn to thrive

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Date: 24-02-2021