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MANOR ROYAL TRAINING - Developing “Resilience” through Emotional Intelligence

Discounted BID Price: £45pp for levy payers / £105pp for non-levy payers (standard price £200)

Suitable for:
Anybody who wishes to develop or maintain their resilience

It is vital to build a workforce ready to embrace and adapt to this world of constant change. Fundamental
to this is how we protect and develop our resilience levels. Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility,
high energy, and mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They have strong
relationships and support networks that help them to amplify their productivity and results.
The beauty of resilience is that whilst it's partly about personality and genetic make-up, there are also
learnable skills and this training can help to boost these.

Learning Objectives:
The workshop will enable you to:
• Explore emotional intelligence strategies to help build resilience levels
• Complete an emotional intelligence self-analysis
• Recognise the power of empathetic assertiveness and examine areas of self - development
• Use the reframing of language both internal and external, verbal and non - verbal
• Identify stress within yourself and others and the 3 stages of stress
• Recognise the 6 key risk areas of stress within the workplace
• Control emotional hijacking- rational vs emotional mind set
• Analyse your strengths and aspiration
• Use an assertiveness framework to manage difficult conversation
• Assertiveness strategies to manage conflict

Where to Next:
Upon completion of this course, delegates may be interested in completing other short business,
management; IT or HR related courses, or perhaps an accredited professional course.

Further Information:
Refreshments and a buffet lunch are included in the course price


Date: 20-05-2020