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Managing in a Digital Environment

This workshop is a facilitated session to help individuals consider how the digital environment is impacting on their working effectiveness, productivity levels, motivation and mental and physical wellbeing.
Are we using digital in the right way or being dragged along in a reactive, stressed environment? Is digital as productive and efficient as we think? Are we digitally burning out or digitally in tune to be inspired, innovative and nibble in our thinking
Explore how to make this new digital world work better for you; control it or it could control you!
Learning outcomes
This workshop will enable participants to:
• Examine how digital rapidly has had an impact on society and the culture of the workplace
• Identify how digital trends are changing behaviours and expectations within the working environment and the effect this has on individuals
• Managing digital communications, workloads and stress levels in a digital environment
• Examine digital barriers and challenges that impact performance and create stress
• Recognise areas in which digital tools can be used more effectively


Avensys, Fleming Way, Manor Royal

Date: 06-03-2020